Our Story

Dream Come True

What started out as a dream, became reality. Carousel created a brand new world in hair extensions, offering a new and innovative way to look fabulous in a flash. Carousel will make its customers feel a real sense of empowerment and celebrate diversity. We’ve create a quick and easy product that will make you feel great and secure with hair extensions that will last through your busy days and into your great nights.

The Person Behind the Dream

My magic in the making started off with me as a young creative child inspired by anything in the beauty industry, from makeup to anything hair.

Even before becoming a hair professional, I would color and cut my own hair (every look would depend on how I felt that day). As a child of a single mother, I saw my Mom hustle through all three of her jobs and that is by far the best inspiration for a way to create an easy, affordable solution to make us feel a little special.

As a mother and entrepreneur myself, I know how precious everybody’s time is in this incredibly fast moving world.

I’ve been a beauty professional for over 20 years now and certified extension specialist. This has given me incredible insight and experience into what people truly want and need out of their extensions.

The work ethic instilled on me by my Mother, in addition to my years of insight from the beauty industry, has brought me to this point. A truly innovative product that will change how you look at yourself and what you expect out of your extensions.